Guests Protocols re COVID-19

We are delighted to be able to welcome you and your family/friends to Nutcombe Cottages.

Your cottage will be thoroughly cleaned to our usual high standard, however, in order to protect all our guests and cleaners, we have been obliged to introduce some guest protocols.

These will now form part of the contract for your holiday at Nutcombe.


To enable us to ensure the property is cleaned and sanitized to highest possible standards please stick to our new arrival and departure times as details in our normal Terms & Conditions.

On arrival, please knock at the house before going up to the cottages. We will then direct you up to your cottage and conduct our welcome chat outside.

During your stay

Please follow these simple rules:

Sanitize or wash your hands regularly (all our soap dispensers contain anti-bacterial hand soap

Wear face coverings and maintain social distancing when asked to do so

Clean & disinfect high touch areas during your stay and before vacating the property. Appropriate cleaning products will be supplied including disposable cleaning cloths and disposable gloves. Please dispose of any used cleaning cloths/gloves at the end of your stay in a sealed bag (see Rubbish information below) and do not flush wipes down the toilet.

Please note: Do not bring your own bleach products to Nutcombe. We have a Bio sewage system and any bleach products put down the drains destroys the ecology of the system.

Air the Property by opening windows to increase air flow. Please do not have the heating on whilst the windows are open.

Use the dishwasher Please ensure all crockery, glasses, pots, pans and kitchen utensils are cleaned regularly in the dishwasher using a high temperature intensive wash setting. Please do not leave any dirty dishes, ancillary items or food items on your departure.

Bathrooms Please make sure the bathroom lights are used when using the bathrooms so that the extractor fan removes moisture to minimize the development of condensation.

Waste Disposal Please ensure that cottages are left clear of all waste on departure. Please follow these procedures:

  • Empty & Wash all recycling and place in appropriate bins provided in the bin store
  • Remove all rubbish Don’t forget bathroom bins & any food in the fridge/freezer/cupboards.
    1. Please ensure any tissues used are placed in a plastic bag and then tied before being placed in the black bin rubbish
    2. Please ensure you tie up black-bin rubbish bags before putting in the bin
    3. Recycle all food waste (Do not place food waste in the general rubbish) and tie up full food bags and decant to the larger bins outside
    4. Sanitize/wash your hands before handling the outside rubbish bins and do the same afterwards before re-entering the cottage.

Vacating the Property

Departure Time

Please vacate Nutcombe Barn & Cider House by 9.30am and Nutcombe Cottage by 10am on the day of departure to allow us more time for extra sanitization.

Air the Property

Please open all windows/doors when leaving and leave internal doors open (unless it is pouring with rain, then please use common sense)


Turn on bathroom lights so that fans are working.

Bed Linen & Bedding

Please help minimize the risk to our cleaners by following these procedures:

  • Please remove all sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases from every bed (used or not) and place in the fabric bag provided (see labels on the bags). Draw the drawstring and leave in the master bedroom downstairs. Please try to avoid unnecessary shaking of linen/duvets to avoid dispersing droplets into the air
  • Please leave the mattress protector/pillows and duvet on the bed. These will be sanitized/replaced by housekeeping staff.

Towels/T-Towels/Bathmats/Oven Gloves

Please place all towels (used or not), T-towels, fabric bathmats and oven gloves in the plastic bin bag provided and tie up.

Waste Disposal

Please ensure all bins (including paper bins) are emptied and dealt with in line with our rubbish guidelines above

Leaving the key

Please leave the door key on the dining room table

Your participation in these procedures which are designed to protect everyone, will help us ensure our changeovers are carried out in the safe and diligent manner that COVID19 has forced upon us .


Thank you for your cooperation and we hope you enjoy your holiday and we can welcome you back again soon.


  • Stunning Views
  • Quiet & Peaceful Location
  • Close to the Coast
  • Dog Friendly
  • Set in North Devon's AONB

Guest Comments

it is rare to find such an immaculately kept holiday cottage which also welcomes dogs. And fascinating to watch the yearly transformation of David's garden. I hope to see the final result one day!

Gay & Family
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