Your Dogs Holiday at Nutcombe Holiday Cottages

Doggy Heaven

At Nutcombe Cottages we are very dog friendly and are more than happy to welcome one medium/large or two small well-behaved dogs in each cottage. We charge £25 for one dog or £40 for two per week booked. 

We love to see our doggy visitors enjoying their holiday as much as their owners. However, not all dogs are appropriate for Nutcombe with our cottages being adjacent to each other and surrounded by farmland. We therefore like to know a few things about your dog prior to booking to make sure we protect the interests of all our visitors and of course, our cottages. We do not automatically welcome all dogs. It is at our own discretion whether we accept a dog or not. 

North Devon is a doggy heaven with plenty of dogs walks, dog friendly beaches, attractions, pubs and restaurants for you and your pooch to explore. Please though also bear in mind that North Devon is not just a perfect place for a holiday, it also has a large farming community and there will be sheep and other animals crazing. Therefore, please be a responsible dog owner and keep your dog on a lead when around livestock. 

 To ensure that everyone who visits Nutcombe with or without a dog, can enjoy a fantastic stress free holiday, we ask you to follow a few simple rules.

What dogs will we accept?

  • We do not automatically accept any dogs
  • We do not accept giant breeds of dogs like Great Danes. The largest dog we could accept would be something of German Shepherd size 
  • We do not accept dogs under 18 months old
  • We accept one medium or two small dogs per cottage
  • All dogs must be listed on our booking form at the time of booking, including their breed and age
  • Any dog not listed on the booking form will not be permitted
  • All dogs must be house trained, obedient and of good nature i.e not nervous or reactive
  • All dogs must be treated for fleas before coming
  • Please do not bring a female dog in season

What we provide for your pooches holiday

  • Fully enclosed grassed dog garden with one metre high fencing
  • A three acre field with a path cut out all the round so you don't get lost in the long grass
  • One throw for the sofas (please bring your own if possible)
  • Guide to dog friendly walks and beach guides
  • Stair-gates at the top of all stairs so dogs do not get downstairs to the bedrooms
  • Holiday ID tags with our details on, so you can be sure your pooch finds his way home if he gets lost
  • Dog poo bags in case you forget your own and dedicated dog bin
  • Tick Removers
  • Stainless steel dog bowl again in case you forget your dogs favourite
  • Doggy food mat
  • Small selection of toys

Rules for your dog while staying at Nutcombe Holiday Cottages

  • Only those dogs mentioned on the booking form and agreed with the owners are permitted. 
  • No dog under the age of 18 months are permitted
  • They must be kept under strict control on leads at all times (apart from the dog garden).
  • They may be walked off lead in our three acre field but please be aware that surrounding fields have sheep in.
  • Dogs must not be allowed on the furniture. If you have a dog that can't help themselves, then please either provide your own throws or use the throws provided in each cottage to protect our soft furnishings. 
  • Dogs should be kept upstairs in the living areas and out of the bedrooms in all cottages.
  • Please use the the fixed stair-gates provided.
  • They must not be left unattended in the property or grounds at any time.
  • We provide a small supply of poo bags to clean up after your dog.
  • Any dog waste should be picked up and placed in bags which can then be put in the dog waste bins provided on site
  • Please do not leave full poo bags around the grounds.
  • Please do not use any of the towels provided for human guests to clean your dog. 
  • They must not bark excessively or disturb our other guests.
  • Any damage will be charged for.
  • When vacating the property, please remove as much dog hair and dirt as possible, using the hoover provided. 
  • Any additional cleaning costs if needed will be charged.
  • If your party has booked more than one cottage, the dog/s must remain in the cottage that the dog/s were booked into. If they are going to enter the other cottages at any time during your stay,  the dog fee per cottage must be paid.
  • Guests must agreed to these Terms and Conditions at the time of booking

This may seem like a long list, but if you are a responsible dog owner with a well behaved dog, they should enjoy their holiday here at Nutcombe as much as you!



  • Stunning Views
  • Quiet & Peaceful Location
  • Close to the Coast
  • Dog Friendly
  • Set in North Devon's AONB

Guest Comments

Another lovely week in Elsley. What fantastic weather we had too. The bungalow beautiful as always, so nice to wind down and relax in these troubled times. Thank you

Bob & Sheila
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